About John Adams
Meet Peyton Dixon

What comes to mind when you hear the name John Adams?     

You may remember him from the recent television series, any number of portraits or biographies, or even as a spirited singer in the musical and movie 1776. 

Which of these is the real John Adams?  In a way. each of them is.      

 But what if you have the opportunity to be a step closer to Adams—to  know him better,  speak with him  in person—what  questions would you ask him?  What stories,  memories  or insights  would you have him share?  What advice might he have  for you, your students, your business?          

              That is where I come in.
            Meet John Adams. 


However you think of me—as a John Adams interpreter, impersonator, actor, re-enactor, motivational or guest speaker, or even  look-alike, I bring his insight, wisdom, experience and advice for all who will ask and/or listen.  In full presentations, meet-and-greets or Q&A's, my goal is to engage and hopefully enlighten. Whether you wish to interact, or simply listen, what I ultimately do is bring a living, breathing, thinking interpretation of John Adams to you.